Feedback and Comments from the May 2015 Workshop

Following the May 2015 Workshop, I asked participants to record their thoughts. Here are some of the comments:

” I enjoyed the hands-on floor time, distilling Gin, doing the stripping run as well as starting the mash and fermentation”. Mike B. – Nisku Alberta ( Big Rig Distillery)

” Great hands on and the ability to actually do stuff. Also the group atmosphere was amazing”. Doug B. – Toronto

” Very informative and knowledgeable. Also enjoyed the diversity of the people in the class.” Andrea Z. – Vancouver

“Both Mike & Malcolm were open and forthcoming with information. I increased my overall understanding of the distillation process…” Mike G. – Vancouver

“Awesome….thanks guys !” Matt – Penticton, BC

“Floor time combined with the power point classroom presentations was perfect. Excellent job guys…” John C. – Newfoundland

“I was a complete novice, so I learned a great deal about the entire process of distilling…” Susan C. – Newfoundland

“Coming in green, I now have the ability to go home and start experimenting with my own grains and recipes…” Rhonda F. – Alberta