What’s Steeping at Legend ?


Spent some time this week at Legend Distilling on Naramata Road, just up the hill from Penticton, BC. The folks at Legend are gaining quite a reputation for their unique infusions and steeped concoctions. I sampled some of their newest creation – Manitou. There is quite a legendary story behind this product which in itself is intriguing. But, this spirit has been made by steeping orange peels and sumac berries in alcohol. The steeped batch is then slightly sweetened and proofed down and bottled.

Sumac shrubs grow in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and once a year the shrubs yield a crop of red berries. Visit some health websites on-line and you will soon learn that sumac berry hosts many health benefits. In fact, the sumac berry has been known to mankind since 1000 AD.

My initial reaction upon tasting this creation was – wow! this stuff is dangerous. I could easily lose myself and sip my way through a bottle of Manitou in an afternoon.

Well done you guys. Keep up the great work. Look forward to more unique creations…

What’s New at Dub’h Glas Distilling?


Spent the morning at Dub’h Glas Distilling in Oliver, BC today. In case you have not heard of this small craft distillery, it is gaining a lot of popularity for its Noteworthy Gin.

I was very pleased today to learn that Dub’h Glas is now out with a new product. But – please note well – this is a product that is best appreciated if and only if you have a somewhat educated taste palate. There are plenty of craft distillers out there who have launched various versions of White Dawg, White Lightnin’, White Mongrel and what have you. These various products are simply their standard whisky type distillate that has never seen the inside of an oak cask.

Dub’h Glas has upped the game significantly with the creation of its Virgin Whisky. Virgin, so named because it is newly created, virgin whisky that has not seen an oak cask. I was able to piece together the subtle hints given to me by Owner/Distiller Stevely. What he seems to be doing is carefully regulating the fermentation temperature during the early stages of the ferment. He is also using a yeast that is not the standard type yeast many craft distillers are using.

The net result – would you believe fruity notes? At 50% alc, this product with its wonderful fruity notes was a real pleasure to sip. Many white whiskies are screaming out for something to be mixed into them. Virgin Whisky from Dub’h Glas is screaming – leave me alone…don’t mix me….sip me straight up and appreciate all that I have to offer.

If you are in or near Oliver, BC – take a swing by Dub’h Glas Distilling and indulge yourself with a bottle of Virgin Whisky. While you are there, ask very politely and Stevely might also let you taste his Navy Strength version of his Noteworthy Gin. This is another blog post for another time….if he chooses to release this Gin to the world…..