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Prohibition University was started in 2014 by Malcolm Bucholtz.

Malcolm is originally from a small town near Ottawa, Ontario. After graduating from Queen’s University in 1986 he embarked on a career in the steel industry as a Metallurgical Engineer. With his first paycheque in hand, he went to a local home brewing store and bought Charlie Papazian’s Book, The Joy of Home Brewing, along with all the tools and toys necessary for making beer at home. Although not realized at the time, this purchase would prove to have lasting implications.

There have been several career changes since 1986, but one thing has remained steadfast – Malcolm’s love of brewing. This love of brewing grew over the years and soon enough beer using the all grain method was the norm for Malcolm along with wine from fruit and even an intoxicatingly delicious alcoholic beverage called mead.

In 2013, as the age of 50 was looming on the horizon, Malcolm began looking for a new adventure. He investigated the possibility of returning to school at Heriot Watt University in Scotland to pursue the M.Sc. program in Fermentation and Distillation. What he found instead was the U.K. Institute for Brewing and Distilling (IBD) and its many highly rated exam curricula. After many long discussions with the good people at IBD, the decision was made to enrol in the General Distilling Certificate program.

In November 2014 after 9 months of study, Malcolm successfully passed his Distillation exam. In his travels during 2014, Malcolm was fortunate to have made a connection with Urban Distilleries and Mr. Mike Urban in Kelowna, BC.

Malcolm has now designed a 5-day Distillery Workshop curriculum modeled on the IBD course syllabus. The 5-day Workshop is presented on a regular basis at Urban Distilleries in Kelowna. As of mid-2017, some 350 people have now taken the 5-day Workshops in Kelowna.

Malcolm looks forward to meeting you at a future distillery Workshop.

In addition to these workshops, Malcolm works with craft distillers to assemble business plans, prepare financial projections, test new recipes and to assist with start-up efforts. In 2016 he helped the good folks at Hansen Distilling in Edmonton,AB with their inaugural distillation runs. He has been working with Tumbleweed Spirits of Osoyoos, BC as they prepare to launch. He has also offered some occasional advice to the team at Sperling Silver Distillery in Regina, SK.

Malcolm resides in Regina, Saskatchewan – a locale steeped in the rich history of the Prohibition era.

And…as a final note – Heriot Watt University has finally lured Malcolm in. Starting in September 2017 he will be studying towards his M.Sc. in Brewing & Distilling. Where this will lead is anybody’s guess. A job at a Rum Distillery in the Caribbean perhaps???


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