Links is the fine UK based institution where I enrolled to write the General Certificate in Distilling Exam. I cannot say enough good things about IBD. Give some thought to writing one of their exams… is a unique site offering hand-crafted alembic stills. offers many unique distillation products this Portuguese site has a wide array of copper alembic stills.  makers of the famous Hillbilly stills. Give Matt a call today. Tell him Prohibition University up in Canada said how ya’ll doin’!  Looking for custom charred oak barrels from Arkansas? This is where to go!  Looking for small, charred oak barrels from the USA? This is where to go !  Looking for enzymes to help you with your mash? Looking for unique yeast varieties? White Labs is the go to place!  Looking for some uniquely powerful enzymes? Call these folks. They can help!



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