These videos are really designed for the person who is in the process of getting licensed to open a craft distillery (Recipe development is a key part of launching a successful start-up business).

These videos are also for the person who is interested in taking a 5-day Distillery Workshop.

As you watch these video clips, please in mind that home distillation is not legal in many jurisdictions. For the record – although some of the videos herein do openly reference home distilling, it is not my mission in life to turn people into home distillers. There is a science and an art to distilling. You have to be competent in order to produce a good product. I am not in any way responsible for what happens to you if you attempt to home distill and run afoul of the law. Use your common sense at all times. Govern your behavior carefully.

Making Amaretto at Home

Making Lemoncello Liqueur at Home

Testimonial form the September 2016 Workshop

Making The Mash for Potato Vodka

Distilling the Vodka

Making Apricot Schnapps

Making Apple Vodka

Testimonial form the April 2016 American version Workshop

Making Corn Whisky on a Pot Still

Making Rum

Mashing Grain for Vodka

Making Vodka on a Hillbilly Still is easy and very enjoyable…

Here are some thoughts from the May 2015 Workshop.

Here are some videos taken at one of our recent Distillery Workshops.

With some simple equipment and a Hillbilly Still, you too can conduct “research” at home to assist you with developing your Business Plan for your very own licensed craft distillery.

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